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Shared Hosting for Websites

You might not have a sufficient budget to rent a dedicated server for your website. That's why we've dedicated shared hosting packages for hosting your website online, as if it were on its own server, thanks to the protection technologies we use.

  • Secure Linux operating system
  • 100% Arabic technical support
  • Arabic Cpanel control panel
  • Email addresses with your site's name
  • Free SSL protection certificate
  • Secure storage starts from 10 GB
  • Multiple PHP versions support
  • Free DNS management
  • Support for MySQL databases
  • Free security inspection tools
  • Internal and external backups
  • 100% WordPress compatible

Prices starting from

195 SAR
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Our Services

Domain Registration

With MassarCloud, you can register international and Saudi domains (.SA) All you need to do is choose the desired domain (website name), and we will take care of the rest. Learn More

Website Hosting

You might not have a sufficient budget to rent a dedicated server for your website. We provide fully managed hosting spaces with an easy-to-use control panel supporting over 20 languages, including Arabic. Learn More

Website Design

We offer informational or service-oriented website design services, ensuring simplicity and compatibility with most internet browsers, including mobile and tablet browsers. Learn More

Brand Identity Design

Brand identity design includes defining the elements of the brand based on the nature of the business, determining the primary colors and features, designing the logo, and executing the profile. Learn More

Website and Internet Applications Development

Our team is ready to execute programming tasks, whether it's website applications, API applications, or backend mobile interfaces using the latest programming technologies in this field. Learn More

Server Management

We support all types of servers, including Dedicated Servers, Cloud Servers, and Virtual Private Servers (VPS), running on any Linux operating system. Focus on your work and leave the rest to us. Learn More

Google Workspace for Business

At MassarCloud, we offer integrated business solutions through Google Workspace, including advanced email services for employees, online meetings, and cloud storage solutions. Learn More

Saudi Hosting

At MassarCloud, we provide web hosting and internet application services in Local Saudi Datacenter serving businesses and companies. Our services prioritize search engine rankings in Saudi Arabia with servers located within the country. Learn More

Content Management and Improvement

At MassarCloud, we have a specialized team for managing the content of websites and working to improve their content to ensure higher search engine rankings and increased online visibility. Learn More

Do you use cloud services? Are you facing difficulties with it?!

Most cloud services, including Amazon AWS and Google Cloud (GCP), are designed for developers or technicians and generally require strong knowledge, high expertise, and often certifications to handle them. Since you may be busy with your project and don't have enough time to learn or your project budget doesn't allow you to hire full-time specialists, we are here to serve you in this field. We are ready to assist you at any moment.

  • Designing network infrastructure.
  • Creating and managing cloud servers.
  • Configuring load balancers.
  • Configuring storage units and content delivery (CDNs).
  • Configuring and tuning database containers.
  • SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, DaaS!! Are you confused? We are ready to help.
  • Understanding, studying, and analyzing your needs and implementing them.
  • We are ready for any consultation.

Programming Internet Applications

We specialize in designing the logic and workflow of internet applications, developing the necessary algorithms, designing databases, and programming Backend systems for internet applications.